Bonnie Carroll: Librarian to successful entrepreneur

D. Ray Smith

Carolyn Krause brings us insight into Bonnie Carroll, a most successful business owner, longtime supporter of Oak Ridge charitable organizations, and a good friend. I am pleased to bring this information to you through Carolyn’s research and the talk Bonnie made to the Friends of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This “Historically Speaking” series will have two parts, first a more personal look at Bonnie and her company, Information International Associates, and the second, a broader look at the world of information and her involvement in it. 

Bonnie Carroll: Librarian to successful entrepreneur


One of the lesser-known legacies of Alvin Weinberg was one of the Oak Ridge-Knoxville region’s most successful female-launched and owned businesses — the former Information International Associates (IIa). He also left a long legacy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in scientific data science and management.  

In the early 1960s, ORNL Director Alvin Weinberg was asked by President Kennedy to chair a special President’s Science Advisory Committee Panel on Science Information to look at the growing information challenge. The result of this study was the famous Weinberg Report of 1963 titled “Science, Government, and Information: The responsibilities of the technical community and the government in the transfer of information.”