Business outsourcing company plans site in Tahlequah

Business outsourcing company plans site in Tahlequah

Provalus, which announced plans Thursday to locate a facility in Tahlequah, has its 55,000-sqaure-foot headquarters in Brewton, Ala.  (Courtesy photo)

TAHLEQUAH – A company that provides information technology and other support for businesses that benefit from outsourcing has announced plans to open a “technology innovation center” in Tahlequah.

The company, Alabama-based Provalus, which offers business process outsourcing, information technology outsourcing and Helpdesk services to clients including Fortune 1000 companies, may bring 200 jobs to the eastern Oklahoma community, which is headquarters of the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said the tribe has agreed to purchase a 12,000-square-foot building downtown, which will be leased to the Tahlequah Development Authority for Provalus to occupy.

“Provalus is focused on bringing jobs and opportunities to rural America and restoring downtown infrastructure, the same principles we value so greatly here at the Cherokee Nation. It’s why we knew early on we had to ensure Provalus selected Tahlequah, our capital city, as their newest location,” Hoskin said in a news release Thursday.

Atlanta-based Optomi, which identifies as one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech-staffing firms, launched Provalus to provide an alternative to overseas outsourcing of business functions. According to the release, the company aims to utilize untapped talent in small communities for technology, business and support positions.

The global outsourcing industry is expected to surpass $481 billion in value this year, mostly funding offshore jobs. The business strategy employed by Provalus is to locate those jobs instead to rural communities. It previously has invested in locations in Alabama, Texas and South Carolina.

“Oklahoma and the city of Tahlequah have really embraced technology and recognize what that can mean for creating a skilled population in the region,” Provalus President Laura Chevalier said. “Between the local talent, students graduating from career tech center programs and NSU (Northeastern State University), we feel as though we have a community and talent pool that recognize the career path and opportunity within the tech field.”

Tahlequah Regional Development Authority President and CEO Nathan Reed said it’s anticipated that Provalus will bring more than 200 well-paying jobs to the Cherokee County community of some 16,000.

“This influx of new jobs in the downtown area will continue to strengthen the community and provide opportunities for local businesses,” he said. “This is a huge win for Tahlequah and the surrounding area as we look to continue growing our community and providing opportunities to improve quality of place.”

Provalus Vice President of Facilities Will Ruzic said Tahlequah was a natural selection for the company.

“When we experienced just how strong the partnership is between all of the entities here, we just knew this would be a community we could call home,” he said. “Our business is about collaboration and partnership and innovation. All of the attributes that make our business successful are present here. We’re looking forward to partnering with the people of Tahlequah to influence revitalization in this community.”