November 28, 2021

Tomer Aiderapp

Consummate Business Technicians

The diversity challenge with historic storytelling

“Only selected white men need to have implement.”

Picture these a want advert for business leadership! As distasteful as it is, it is a reflection of Holland’s edition of the Gilded Age.

I point out this conclusion since some audience are questioning if my column about small business leaders in Holland will consist of tales about females and individuals of minority ethnic and racial groups.

It will but not nevertheless. There are at minimum a few motives for the hold off: (1) I want to present stories chronologically (2) Holland’s early business enterprise management was an exceptional club and (3) what I generate reflects the details I have.

When the Dutch came to West Michigan in the late 1840s, the intent was to type an exceptional utopia. When they arrived at the Aged Wing Mission and the Landing (south and west of existing-day Holland, respectively), they experienced little drive to assimilate with the Odawa (Ottawa) who have been dwelling there initially.

Even nevertheless some of the Dutch ended up taught the skill of felling trees by an “African” near Het Waterhuis (east of current day Holland), he, like most of the Odawa, remaining West Michigan. At that time, only Dutch males held positions of management. But that would steadily improve.